Bebo Apologizes For Downtime: “We’re Not Going Anywhere”

beboWhen social network Bebo went down on Monday, what seemed like a flood of distraught users concluded that the site must be shutting down, and they took to Twitter to commemorate it. Instead, the downtime turned out to be the result of technical problems.

The site was down for about 20 hours, and now the company is about to post an apology, advertised site-wide through the banner ad above. We’ve obtained a copy — CEO Adam Levin explains that the team was working on some new features and accidentally crashed the site. He also assures users, “We’re not going anywhere.”

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Commander in Control

One of the points I had hoped to emphasize in my last post was that Twitter, blogging, Facebook and Google+ offer an even more controlled communications environment than what a fastidiously prepped/messaged executive might face in a media interview.

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