Mark Zuckerberg Spray Paints Graffiti On Real Facebook Wall (Video)

Mark Zuckerberg added his touch to a graffiti wall at Facebook’s new headquarters. In the video above, graffiti artist David Choe, who was commissioned to paint the wall, incorporates a stick figure painted by the Facebook founder into a mohawked trollish creature wearing a wife beater with a raised fist. It’s quite a transformation.

Zuckerberg needs to practice first, admitting: “I’ve actually never spray painted anything.”

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tumblecloud Unveils A Collaborative Take On Slideshows

tumblecloud screenshotAn startup called tumblecloud is launching the public beta test today for its easy way to create high-quality slideshows.

Founder and CEO Brian Andreas (an artist who also runs the boutique publishing house StoryPeople) describes the company’s “clouds” as a new form digital storytelling, but they’re probably easier to think of as multimedia slideshows. tumblecloud breaks the process down into three steps — grab, mix, and share. You can pull photos, music, and other media from your computer or from other online services; use a simple drag-and-drop interface to assemble everything into a presentation; then share it with other users.

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PowerVoice Launches New Social Media Marketing Platform, Pays Users To Post Ads On Twitter, Facebook

PowerVoicePowerVoice, a new social media marketing company founded by former federal consultant at IBM Ryan Landau and ex-Googler (and brother) Andrew Landau, is launching today. The service compensates users for sharing brands’ messages on social networks in a somewhat similar fashion to Adly. However, unlike Adly, it’s not focused solely on enabling celebrities and other public figures to earn additional income through recommendations. Instead, on PowerVoice, anyone can sign up and get paid to promote brands’ ads.

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CEO Invests Another $500K In CrowdOptic’s “New Social Medium”

CrowdOpticJon Fisher, co-founder and CEO of startup CrowdOptic, just told me that he has invested another $500,000 so the company can build out what it’s calling a “new social medium.”

The idea is to create automatic clusters of people based on their location and line of sight. I met with the CrowdOptic team this weekend — they demonstrated the technology by whipping out their phones and taking photos of the same spot off San Francisco’s Embarcadero. CrowdOptic can detect when people are all looking at the same thing, and it sends a notification asking whether they want to form a discussion group, where they can share photos and comments.

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