Insta-Backlash: Twitterverse Overreacts To Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition, Users Delete Accounts

b9e75d38827211e1989612313815112c_7Not everyone is happy about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram this morning, it seems. In an apparent insta-backlash, a bunch of folks are tweeting about their intentions to delete their Instagram accounts now that Facebook has tainted their trendy social network with its massive data-grabbing paws.

It’s a spectacle even worse than when Instagram launched on Android, prompting all those #teamiPhone tweets. Sigh.

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Why Social Media Marketing Is A Bust For Most Companies

Social media is playing an increasingly vital role in business marketing. Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized businesses (and a few large corporations) are not getting nearly as much out of their social media marketing efforts as they should be. In short, social media is proving to be a bust. Broadly speaking, many companies are failing […]

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