Social Ad Network 140 Proof Launches Partner Platform, Signs Up Jumptap

140 proof logoAd startup 140 Proof is opening up a partner platform for companies that want to take advantage of its social ad targeting.

The company currently delivers ads to 50 social apps, including Echofon, TweetCaster, and Plume. Underlying the network is something that 140 Proof calls “Interest Graph Targeting,” where users are assigned different “personas” based on what they say and who they follow. Those personas allow advertisers to serve ads to people with specific interests, and the new platform makes this interest targeting available to other companies.

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Tracking 404 Errors in Google Analytics

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We have a client right now whose ranking took quite a dip lately. As we continue to help them fix errors documented in Google Webmasters, one of the glaring issues is 404 Page Not Found errors. As companies migrate sites, many times they put new URL structures into place and old pages that used to exist do not exist anymore. This is a HUGE problem when it comes to search engine optimization. Your authority with search engines is determined by … Continue reading

Econsultancy Training

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