De beste contentmarketingtip ooit: volg Gary Vaynerchuk

Je kunt 200 boeken lezen over contentmarketing, maar het beste wat je kunt doen is: volg de content van Gary Vaynerchuk. De man weet veel, komt lekker uit zijn woorden en is vooral heel erg praktisch.   Vorige week werd bekend dat Gary Vaynerchuk toetreedt tot de adviesraad van Juramy, het moederbedrijf van Wannahaves, BALR en […]

Het bericht De beste contentmarketingtip ooit: volg Gary Vaynerchuk verscheen eerst op frank | Marketing trends en nieuws.

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Can Brands Tell A Story In Six Seconds Or Fewer? Ritz, Dove And Trident Think So

7618546_e1adbf6aae_zWhenever a new platform launches these days, brands are instantly checking them out to see how they can “become a part of the conversation.” What that really means is how they can use a site like Twitter, or its new app Vine, to get your eyeballs, interact with you and, of course, sell you more stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s commerce at its purest. The story isn’t that brands try out new platforms, that’s boring, the interesting part is how they approach them and why. Now that consumers have the power to skip through commercials on programs that they record, creative advertisers have to start pushing the envelope on generating interesting and persuasive messages outside of the television set. I spoke with VaynerMedia¬†founder Gary Vaynerchuk, and his firm urges their clients to test new things out. When he says test it out, he means it: I tell our companies that there’s a 72 hour rule where you’re not even thinking about an ROI or how you can generate business. They should just try things out. Vaynerchuk’s companies are definitely giving Vine a swing, and the brands include GE, Ritz Cracker, Dove and Trident gum. The initial six second “Vines” include fun spins on their iconic brands, products and logos. What will it do for the company right now? Probably nothing, and that’s OK with the brands and VaynerMedia. Here’s a look at what Trident shared as its first Vine, just a few clips of people chewing the gum: While this clip might not make you want to run out and buy a pack, it does humanize the brand a little more, making it about people and not the stuff that people stick under your airplane seat. Still though, you can see how this new platform brings out a new form of creativity, making you pack as much as you can into a six-second video. There are “real” people in this clip, not the models that we’re used to on TV. Another one of Vaynerchuk’s clients, Dove, did something pretty fun in their first Vine. When he told me that Dove was giving the new platform a chance, I asked him how Dove could possibly make its product seem interesting, clever or funny with six seconds worth of video. Apparently, the team thought about it and here’s what they came up with: Once again, does this make you want

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