Google en Facebook experimenteren met ‘vliegticketmodel’ voor verkoop van nieuws

Het is een grote ommezwaai die Google en Facebook maken. Uitgevers krijgen mogelijkheden om bij hen abonnees te werven of artikelen te verkopen, bijvoorbeeld als die in een zoekmachine verschijnen. Hoever zal het gaan? Gaan uitgevers straks nieuws verkopen met variabele prijzen zoals dat ook bij vliegtickets gebeurt?   Bij vliegtickets zijn we eraan gewend. […]

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Strijd tussen Amazon en Google over toekomst retail

Amazon en Google zijn verwikkeld in een strijd om de beste smart speaker, het apparaat waarmee consumenten via een stemcommando kunnen winkelen. Google zit Amazon dwars door de speaker Echo Show geen toegang meer te geven tot YouTube, want Google werkt zelf aan een smart speaker met touch screen. Uiteindelijk gaat de strijd om de […]

The post Strijd tussen Amazon en Google over toekomst retail appeared first on frank | Marketing trends en nieuws.

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Morgan Stanley Fined $5M Over Facebook Research And Handling Of IPO By Massachusetts (UPDATE)

8018111847_1b2aaf9f03_zAccording to CNBC, Morgan Stanley has been fined $5M over its Facebook research practices. This is the second huge fine for Morgan Stanley, the first being over “noncompetitive trades” in June. Facebook’s stock jumped out of the gates and dipped dramatically, and Morgan Stanley filed a report based on its research afterwards, including why it was priced at $38: Our base case scenario assumes that Facebook’s revenue growth moderates as it takes a measured approach to increasing mobile ad load while engagement increasingly shifts to mobile devices. Facebook enters an investment cycle characterized by compressed adjusted operating margins in C2012/13E. Facebook grows total revenue at a +28% CAGR from C2013-16E, while advertising revenue (+31%) grows substantially faster than payments revenue (+17%) due to casual games being played increasingly through mobile devices. We forecast C2013E adjusted EBITDA margin of 60% in this scenario. The state of Massachusetts also fined Citigroup $2M for its involvement in the Facebook IPO. At the time, it was said to be over “violating state securities law when it released confidential information about Facebook Inc.” When the fine was levied, Citgroup’s Sophia Stewart had this to say: We are pleased to have this matter resolved. We take our internal policies and procedures very seriously and have taken the appropriate actions. We have reached out to Morgan Stanley for comment. There has been discussion about Facebook’s eventual $5B IPO for some time, and after the fact, people have been saying that something wasn’t quite on the up and up. For a company that makes $25B in revenue yearly, the $5M fine could be a drop in the bucket financially, but a huge ugly mark on the company’s reputation. The company did make out quite nicely on the Facebook IPO, even though others did not. Update: We have received a statement from a Morgan Stanley spokesperson on the matter: We are pleased to have reached a settlement with Secretary Galvin and the Massachusetts Securities Division and to have put this matter behind us. Morgan Stanley is committed to robust compliance with both the letter and the spirit of all applicable regulations and laws. [Photo credit: Flickr]

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What Would Make You Delete Your Facebook Account?

I’ve been examining this question a lot this week. It all started on Monday, when I read an article on TechCrunch with a rather disturbing headline:“Facebook Users Report Seeing Old Private Messages Showing Up On Timelines As ‘Posted By Friends’”. (TechCrunch has since updated the article and changed the headline.) I immediately posted this news to my Facebook Page and personal […]

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