Four Brands Taking the Plunge Into Video Sharing

The complexity of social media continues to be somewhat of a thorn in the sides of a number of brands. In a blink of an eye, back when Twitter was gaining more and more traction and Facebook had already asserted itself as a social-media juggernaut, Instagram exploded in popularity and relevance — as did Pinterest, […]

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3 Straws that Could Break the Facebook Camel’s Back

Over the past 6 months, Facebook has released a seemingly unending flow of upgrades for its Ad platform.  These have ranged from promoted posts,  mobile/desktop segmentation, inline ad manager notifications and most recently, a simpler user-interface so that small businesses can better self-serve ad types. During this now post-IPO period, there has been next to […]

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Socialcam 4.0: Instagram For Video Adds Themes And Soundtracks

Screen shot 2012-03-28 at 11.36.55 AMYesterday, Y Combinator double alum and video sharing app Socialcam debuted its new and improved wares at Demo Day. Today, the startup is following up with the official announcement of Socialcam 4.0 — the biggest release for the video sharing tool since it released its filters — that brings themes and soundtracks to the so-called “Instagram for video.”

Since Socialcam spun out of last year, it’s been on a mission to bring video creation to the mainstream. As Eric wrote in January, the app passed 3 million downloads in December, and had begun sending 3 million notifications per day. The reason for this was largely its sharing feed and filter that are now so often associated with Instagram and Hipstagram.

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