Chat Service Meebo Launches New Version Of Site Designed Around Competitive Sharing (!)

Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 6.11.24 PMYou probably know Meebo as a service that lets you easily chat with friends across different IM services, but the company is now rolling out a reimagined version designed around sharing. Think competitive sharing, like who can get the most traffic from their articles. It’s a big switch from the former Meebo Messenger IM site (which you can still find here).

I’ve been playing around with it, and here are some initial impressions.

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Evidence Supports Facebook’s Plan To Monetize Mobile With Sponsored Story News Feed Ads

Facebook Mobile Sponsored Stories MockupFor the first time, Facebook may start showing ads in its mobile apps and HTML5 site, sources close to the company’s ads team tell me. They would come in the form of mobile news feed Sponsored Stories — social ads that show a friend’s interaction with a brand rather than traditional display ads for which there’s no real estate on mobile. Bloomberg received similar information from undisclosed sources. When I asked Facebook’s ad representative Brandon McCormick a week ago about the potential for mobile news feed Sponsored Stories, he coyly told me “I think that could be interesting.”

More evidence for the plot…

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Facebook Changes Helping Developers Reach Users (Including Zynga, Ahead Of Its IPO)

Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 11.25.54 AMWith its initial public offering coming up later this week, Zynga is making a few notable traffic gains on Facebook and mobile. Older games like FarmVille are growing, not just new ones like CastleVille. The obvious reasons include it doing more advertising and cross-promotion — and getting some extra publicity out of new launches and media events.

But it looks like there’s more going. Facebook appears to have made a few adjustments to how users see app activity within the last month or so.

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Pinned Posts, The Twitter Brand Page Feature Facebook and Google+ Should Steal

Facebook Steal Twitter DOneOverall, the new Twitter brand Pages are pretty underwhelming. But one great feature they offer is pinned posts — the ability to semi-permanently feature an expanded rich media tweet at the top of the Page. This help brands customize their Page to drive traffic to a specific link, photo, or video, promote a contest or important news, and make sure first time visitors always see a high quality piece of content. Oh hey, you know who else could  benefits from pinned post?  Facebook, because its custom Page app platform is too complicated for some businesses, and Google+, because it doesn’t even have an app platform.

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With Watch It Button, Plexus Creates A ‘Super Netflix Queue’ For Movies Across The Web

WatchIt_Logo_LargeDespite its struggles of late, Netflix is still one of the most popular sources when it comes to online streaming of movies and TV shows. (Although things may change if it’s acquired by Verizon.) For many of us, the Netflix queue is our go-to source for bookmarking films that we’d like to watch at a later date.

One new startup, called Plexus Entertainment, wants to take the Netflix formula and apply it to a broader scale. In the big picture, Plexus’ goal is to connect films and filmmakers with their audiences, so to do that, they’ve launched “Watch It” in public beta to allow users to keep track of movies they’re interested in, where those movies are playing, and to be proactively notified of all the different ways to view those films. Huzzah!

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