Did You Review Your Whole Facebook Timeline Before Publishing It?

Facebook Time BombReally? The whole thing? You probably didn’t, but you should because there are things you posted long ago that you might not want people to see. I sincerely worry that all over the world, this is happening right now: “Oh look, a new Facebook profile design. Grrr, I dislike change, but it looks cool. There’s a 7 day preview period? But all my friends are showing off their pretty covers. I’ll just publish my Timeline now, and go back and delete embarrassing posts later.” But they won’t. This is a big problem for individuals and Facebook.

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Quickly Tag Photos With Locations, Assist Ad Targeting With Facebook’s New Timeline Map

Facebook Timeline MapThere’s one big new feature in today’s global rollout of Facebook Timeline. Facebook has enhanced the Timeline Map with a wizard that lets you rapidly tag your existing photos with locations. You can also now type in a location and share rich stories about whether you’ve been, took a trip, or lived there. The Map feature could seriously advance Facebook’s “location as a layer” plan. By convincing users to append valuable geographic data to its massive collection of photos with this easy flow, Facebook could improve local ad targeting.

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Facebook Timeline For Mobile Web and Android Lets You Access Apps But Not Privacy Controls

Mobile Timeline 2 2 3Facebook this morning rolled out Timeline to the entire world, and now you can access some of its features from Facebook for Android 1.8.1 and the HTML5 mobile site m.facebook.com. The mobile version lets you scroll through Timeline posts, browse Photos, and check out reports of third-party app activity and sometimes open the apps themselves. Mobile Timeline does not include the Activity Log where you can change the privacy settings of their posts. With photos displayed at the full width of the screen, mobile Timeline looks beautiful, and the interface isn’t overly cluttered with controls better suited for the web.

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Microsoft Launches So.cl As A Social Network For Students

home-video-bgMicrosoft is officially launching So.cl, the social networking service it teased back in July. And it turns out, it’s not meant to be Microsoft’s version of Facebook, but a social networking service for students built on top of Facebook. The service is launching out of Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs division, and is still being dubbed “experimental.”

Today, students at the the University of Washington, Syracuse University, and New York University are being allowed to use the service, with other schools being added in the future.

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New Data From Pando Offers A Glimpse Into The Massive Global Growth Of Freemium Gaming

freeWell, it looks like hardcore gamers would like to have a word with you, social and casual gamers. Yes, the stories in the media of late have been all about Rovio’s Angry Birds skyrocketing past half a billion downloads, or Zynga and its ilk overtaking social games. Both casual and social games have been growing like gangbusters, but the latest data from Pando Networks reveals some fairly serious growth in the free-to-play gaming industry across the globe.

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Punchfork Tells Foodies Which Recipes Are Hot Right Now

punchforkYou’ve seen too many recipe websites. It’s okay – so have I. But Punchfork is doing things a little differently by leveraging hardcore algorithms to curate the best recipes found on the Web based on social network chatter, in realtime.

Punchfork has built a sophisticated algorithm that measures a how many times a recipe posted by its publishing partners gets shared on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and sites like StumbleUpon. The higher a recipe’s score based on Punchfork’s technology, on a scale from 1 to 100, the more it should have been talked about and shared on the Web.

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It’s Here! Facebook Timeline Now Available To Users Worldwide

timelineYou’ve been anxiously waiting for it, and now it has finally arrived. Facebook Timeline, which MG likened to ‘the story of your life on a single page’ when it was first announced back in September at the F8 event, that is.

We told you how to get it early (and millions of you did) and what it looked like, but most of you earthlings – not living in New Zealand – had to wait patiently until the glorious day Facebook decided to flick that on/off switch.

This morning, they did.

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[Update] Website Visitor Opt In Rate To Facebook Integrations May Be Closer To 40%, Much Higher Than 2.8%

Facebook IntegrationMany websites include Facebook integrations in hopes of offering quick sharing or personalization that can increase referral traffic, conversions, and page views. 56% of users who view a Facebook authentication step will accept it, according to a new study by Sociable Labs. That means users aren’t actually as scared of the Facebook authorization flow’s privacy implications as some might assume. The real hurdle is getting users to click the Facebook integration buttons in the first place.

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Flipboard Adds 1 Million Users Its First Week On The iPhone

FlipboardLogoOnly one week after Flipboard’s highly anticipated launch on the iPhone (and iPod Touch), the company is announcing it has added 1 million users to its service and has tripled its engagement. According to the company, that means it now has over 5 million users in total using the app across the iOS platform.

Before last week’s release, Flipboard had registered 650 million flips per month on the iPad. Now it’s trending towards 2 billion flips per month.

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