Smartphone = Smart Healthcare? [Infographic]

More people reportedly have access to mobile phones than to clean water, according to the nonprofit Tides Center that runs Assuming this is true, the implications of “mHealth” — the electronic management of health care through mobile devices — could be far reaching. Wondering what mHealth is exactly? The U.S. Department of Health and […]

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Infographic: SmartPhones and Coupons Work

One thing that we’ve always noticed that has worked when it came to mobile was the convenience of sending a discount to the phone. Whether it was a text message sent by a restaurant or an app displaying a discount, mobile is the perfect medium for coupon redemption. Why? It’s the only technology that’s carried by the consumer when they’re ready to buy. From CouponCabin: With countless apps keeping smartphone owners occupied, today’s users have grown quite attached to their … Continue reading

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