Infographics: Social Media Privacy

Just as CAN-SPAM forever changed the email marketing industry, we’re due for some hefty regulation to be applied in the social media and mobile marketing space. While I’m not sure that the industry is in a sad state as the infographic below insists, I will defend the industry since it’s incredibly young and truly a new frontier. Tools and information have never been as available as they are today. I believe responsible marketers are utilizing this information – not to … Continue reading

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56 Percent of Consumers Give Permission for Apps To View Personal Data

According to research conducted by Sociable Labs, 1.2 million consumers were monitored between March and November 2011 whilst being presented with 42 different Facebook applications.  From those monitored a staggering 56% of users gave permission to the applications to access personal data such as email, newsfeed, profile and personal information. The study also revealed that […]

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45 Privacy Changes Facebook Will Make To Comply With Data Protection Law

Facebook Ireland Report Of AuditIn 2012, Facebook will be making 45 privacy-related changes to comply with the recommendations of an audit by Ireland’s Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) released today. Below I’ve compiled a roadmap of all the changes Facebook will implement based on the the 149 pages of DPC recommendations and how the social network says it will address them.

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