Online leren: wat is het effect van amateurvideo’s?

Video is niet meer weg te denken bij online leren. Ontwikkelaars hikken vaak aan tegen hoge kosten voor onder meer (studio)opnames, bewerking en professionele voice-overs. Maar kun je ook uit de voeten met opnames van je mobiel? En wat zijn de effecten…

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Learn Code, Get Hired: Treehouse Offers Free Courses To Another 5,000 College Students

treehouseQuick to grow its user base and revenues, last month Treehouse decided to give back to its community by doling out $3 million-worth of free tech education to 2,500 college students.

The scholarship received so much that it had to turn students away. This, combined with the fact the program was for U.S. students only, has led Treehouse to decide to do it all again, but this time go international — and double the size of the scholarship.

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Social Train Wrecks And Why We Feel Compelled to Watch

Okay, I have to admit it. I like to watch. Yes, it’ll probably come as a great surprise to many of you that a therapist watches others. Well, NEWSFLASH… Apparently being a watcher of others doesn’t require you be a therapist. It only requires that you be human. The experience of watching is one of […]

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