Dit gebeurt er elke 60 seconden online in 2021 [infographic]

Het gebruik van internet en social media zit al jaren in een stijgende lijn. We appen, streamen, liken en delen 24 uur per dag en 7 dagen per week. Internet en alle technologie eromheen spelen een grote rol in ons dagelijkse leven. Hoe groot die rol is…

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NBA bereikt fans met ‘augmented reality game’

De NBA heeft augmented reality omarmd als methode om fans warm te laten lopen voor het gooien van een balletje, waar ze zich ook bevinden, meldt The Drum. De NBA claimt hiermee de eerste Amerikaanse sport league te zijn die met een AR-game komt. Het spelletjes is gratis te downloaden in de App Store. Spelers […]

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Ex-Googlers Launch MightyText, An iMessage For Android Users

Screen shot 2012-06-19 at 11.11.12 AMDuring their lengthy careers at Google in both senior technical and product management roles, Maneesh Arora and Amit Sangani were able to geek out on products like AdSense, AdWords, and the now-defunct Google Health. Arora tells us that, while his time at Google was defined by smart people and ambitious ideas like these, in development there was often a tendency to “over engineer” without thinking about “the average user.” He said that, while Google employees always had Gchat open and used Google Voice (or Wave while it was still alive), none of these products were able to effectively address the true value prop of communication tools for a mainstream audience: Syncing. Especially when it comes to texting.

Arora says simply, “To me, it makes no sense that I have to have my phone in front of me to communicate … If I leave it in another room, or in the car, or at home, I essentially have to retrieve it to see who’s calling or to receive incoming texts.” So, Arora and Sangani set out on a mission to give Android users the ability to view and reply to text messages no matter what device they happened to be using. After several months of beta testing, the pair are today officially launching MightyText — an app that aims to give Android users their own version of Apple’s iMessage.

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