Email Design Factors That Influence Action

Getting someone to subscribe to your email newsletter means they’ve let you into their sacred and holy land — the email inbox. People can interact with your brand from on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and etc… but many times they just interact by putting a “like”, Tweeting or giving a “RT,” or re-pin your content, […]

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Isn’t it About Time Social Networking Got a Bit More Human?

Will introducing interactions that are more real-world help social networks increase engagement? I’ve always, quietly, been a fan of social network Path. When it launched back in 2010 I wrote a post highlighting its features, whilst sitting squarely on the fence and making no predictions one way or another about its chances of success. Since […]

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Fab Axes Sign-Up Requirement For Its Design Shop, Admits User Experience Sucked (But Did Help It Get 7M Users)

fab logoBig news and a big admission for online designer shop as it continues to scale up and make itself more user-friendly: For the first time, the site is letting people browse its online shop without having to log in, putting the online shop in line with the company’s mobile app experience. The registration requirement has helped the company pick up 7 million registered users,  “but it was not a great user experience,” Jason Goldberg, Fab’s CEO and founder, wrote today in a blog post. The company turned off the registration requirement today in the U.S., and Europe will come in 10 days.

“Great user experiences get out of the way and help people get shit done. Our mobile experience has not required login — that was the right way to do it,” he writes. From now, an account will only be required for those who want to add an item to a favorites list, or to buy something.

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