Causes Acquires Votizen To Democratize Democracy

Causes + Votizen PowerActivism platform Causes has just acquired political advocacy startup Votizen. With Causes’ massive 186 million-strong user base and Votizen’s tools, together they’ll break down barriers to civic engagement to allow anyone to influence elections. Negotiated by mutual investor Sean Parker, the deal gives people a way to turn out votes for candidates who support the Causes they’re passionate about.

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Mutual Funds For Non-Profits: Bright Funds Wants To Be The Vanguard For Charitable Giving

brightfunds-logoWhen push-comes-to-shove, people love to donate, especially when they believe that their donation (be it money, time, food or possessions) will make a real difference. While online charity and fundraising platforms have made it easier than ever before to donate to causes, charities and non-profits, web-based philanthropy still has plenty of room for improvement.

Today, donors, especially those who have grown up in the Web 2.0 Era, are frustrated by the lack of enjoyable giving experiences on the Web. Not to mention that, with the accessibility of information on the Web today, donors want more accountability in their dealings with non-profits and, in turn, are more focused on outcomes. In other words, they want to know if (and how) their donations are making an impact.

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