Hoe drones het nieuws veranderen

Het is een kleine revolutie in de wereld van nieuws: het gebruik van drones. Waar je vroeger als verslaggever het overzicht miste, kan je de drone laten kijken vanuit de lucht. De nieuwste trend zijn drones met 360 graden-camera’s. Dan kan je als nieuwsconsument ook nog prettig in het rond kijken.   Om te beginnen […]

Het bericht Hoe drones het nieuws veranderen verscheen eerst op frank | Marketing trends en nieuws.

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Facebook Acq-Retired Face.com, But Here’s Why It Will Bank By Reviving Its Facial Recog API

Zuckerberg Facial RecognitionTagged photos are Facebook’s lifeblood, and it would be happy to suck them out of other apps. That’s why I suspect Facebook will resurrect Face.com’s facial recognition API, even though it just shut it down less than a month after acquiring the Israeli company.

Reopening the API will let other apps’ users easily tag their Facebook friends in photos…which can then be shared back to Facebook where they generate notifications, return visits, and engagement the social network can monetize with ads.

It’s all part of Facebook’s on-going quest to become the Omni-news feed, collecting content from everywhere for data-mining and display.

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Camera+ Turned Down Acquisitions From Adobe, Google, Twitter; Also Says “F*ck The VCs”

Camera+ …the-ultimate-photo-app-e1292981987493Two years ago, app developer tap tap tap launched Camera+ onto the App Store. For only a buck, users could get way more mileage out of the mobile photography experience, bringing 27 color effects and granular controls to their iPhone cameras. These features have made it one of the most popular camera apps out there. So popular, in fact, that Camera+ rang in its second birthday today with its 8 millionth download, tap tap tap founder John Casasanta said in a blog post.

As part of the celebration, Casasanta reflected on his company’s journey over the past two years. In his post, he reveals that tap tap tap received a handful of acquisition offers from several notable names: “It started with Adobe, then went to Zynga (for The Heist, not really for Camera+), then Google. And most recently, Twitter.” And he had a word or two for VCs, too.

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Face.com Launches KLIK, A Real-Time, Facial Recognition Camera App For iPhone

klik-1Facial recognition company Face.com has just released a new mobile application that takes advantage of its technology to identify the faces of your friends in photos. Called “KLIK,” the app is a real-time, facial recognition mobile camera app for iPhone that automatically identifies your friends by name before or after you take their their photo.

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