Koppel online marketing tools aan je site: open-source component [download]

Er worden steeds meer online marketing-tools ontwikkeld, die je zogenaamd ‘eenvoudig’ binnen je website kunt integreren door snel even een scriptje te plaatsen. Denk aan A/B-test-tools, tools om producten te kunnen reviewen of tools voor live-chats. Nu kun je een online marketing-tool wel via een tag management-systeem integreren, maar een stabiele koppeling naar de juiste […]

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Sunrise Brilliantly Redefines Calendar Apps On iOS

SunriseMeet Sunrise, the calendar app that will replace every calendar app that you’ve tried so far. It’s the best calendar you’ll ever use. Behind its apparent simplicity, there’s a server component (like Mailbox), making it significantly smarter with data from Google Calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. The app was made by ex-Foursquare designers who believe they may have finally figured out how to make the calendar a powerful tool.

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Zuckerberg And Facebook Have Thought About Charging For Its APIs, But Advertising Is Better

2390914273_9b1ee4ee61_zDuring the Q&A portion of the earnings call, Zuckerberg was asked if they would ever charge for APIs. It’s an interesting question, and one that I’ve thought a lot about as I’ve watched Twitter change the way it works with developers. I figured that the answer would be a flat-out “No”, but it sounds like this is something that Facebook has thought about.

Zuckerberg said that the company would rather go about things by introducing advertising options for developers, so that everyone can make a few dollars.

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Another Piece In Twitter’s Money Puzzle: Teaming Up With HootSuite To Cross-Sell Ads

hootsuite twitter promoWhen Twitter published its latest thinking on how its API would evolve, and what developers it wanted to leave behind, it noted one of the areas it wanted to emphasize more was enterprise. Today we get more of a clue why: HootSuite, an enterprise-focused Twitter client that actually got a name-check in that blog post, is teaming up with Twitter to sell advertising on the social network.

A promotion that went live today will see some 30,000 HootSuite Pro premium clients receive $100 in vouchers for ads on Twitter, with the offer redeemable through the HootSuite dashboard. The move is aimed at the many small/medium businesses rather than larger enterprises that use HootSuite, and comes in the wake of several other efforts Twitter has made to target smaller companies for ads.

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Totally Awe.sm Social Media Analytics

When it comes to social media marketing, analytics is the game changer. Without analytics it becomes next to impossible to determine which campaigns are successful, where to direct the ad revenue, and what connects with customers. However analytics for the sake of analytics is of no use. Only those that explain how social media interventions add value or result in conversions matter. Awe.sm undertakes performance marketing for social media. It enhances social media analytics with “actionable insights,” allowing businesses and … Continue reading

Econsultancy Training

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