EverySignal Is Like Google Alerts For Your Social Feeds

everysignal-logoEverySignal, a social search startup incubated at Science, is launching a new service ¬†that alerts you to the important events from your friends and colleagues. Now, I know what you’re thinking: wait, don’t we have Facebook for that? But EverySignal isn’t trying to replicate Facebook’s functionality – rather, it’s about building value on top of Facebook’s data stream, as well as the data streams from LinkedIn, and soon, Twitter.

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Statdash: Build the Ultimate Dashboard

It seems like each day we’re having to add another tool to monitor some new metrics that provide feedback on our clients. Over time, we’ve collected a number of SaaS subscriptions that we’re logging in and out of on a daily basis. It’s so complex that we’ve sought out development resources – but it’s going to be costly to integrate so many APIs and maintain them. Thankfully, someone else thought that was an issue as well and developed Statdash, a … Continue reading

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