Zuckerberg’s Disrupt Talk Pushes Facebook Stock Up 8.9% To High of $21.16

Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 1.01.44 PMFacebook stock rose 8.9% to a high of $21.16 per share today, the first day of trading after CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s first public interview since the company’s IPO. The stock rose in after-hours trading immediately following Zuckerberg’s fireside chat at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco yesterday, and then jumped again when the market opened today.

The new high today is the highest the stock has traded at in almost a month. The stock closed at $20.91, still a 7.62% increase over yesterday’s close of $19.43.

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When Should You Buy Facebook Stock?

16658985_bg1The rise and fall of Facebook’s stock has been one of the most-covered topics of the summer, and for good reason. Everyone wants to know what will happen next, so we asked investors, CEOs and media pundits about when they think the best time to buy will be.

Because of its 950 million users, an Oscar winning movie based on its founding story and an ecosystem of other companies built off of it, Facebook enjoyed one of the most anticipated IPOs ever. Since then, watching the stock falter has been “painful” for Facebook, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg puts it.

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Facebook Improving Site Integrity Systems To Combat False Likes

screen-shot-2012-05-14-at-3-58-27-amFacebook updated its site integrity system today in an effort to crack down on fake likes, a move that the company says will benefit legitimate users and page owners.

The company says the improved automated efforts will detect and remove Likes obtained by malware, compromised accounts, deceived users or purchased mass Likes. While Facebook says it has always protected against these threats, the new system will specifically be tailored to identify and erase suspect Likes.

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Pokki Surpasses 1 Million Monthly Active Users, Releases Angry Birds, Pandora and Pinterest Desktop Apps

pokki-2.0-pandora%283%29Pokki announced today that it is coming out of beta and adding a notification center and new apps for Angry Birds, Pandora and Pinterest. The company also said it has surpassed 1 million monthly active users.

Pokki says the new apps are made possible by a new app packaging technology, which they’ll be providing to developers in the future, to turn a web app or game into a Pokki desktop app.

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Facebook Brings Notifications, Album-Specific Uploads To Standalone Camera App

Camera 1.1Facebook updated its standalone camera app today, showing users notifications when someone comments, tags or likes a photo and allowing users to upload photos to specific albums.

This is the latest in a series of mobile app releases for the social giant. Last week, it rolled out a new mobile app that is twice as fast and update its mobile messenger app, adding emoticons and showing when a friend was last active.

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How Much Is A Like Worth? SumAll Social Metrics Tracks Social Activity Against Web Traffic And Revenue

lines_social-rev-trafficData visualization company SumAll launched SumAll Social Metrics, tracking a company’s social activity against web traffic and revenue and providing insights on the company’s return on social marketing.

SumAll claims it is the first analytics tool to give users transactional, social and web traffic on a single dashboard. Users can see their full social history updated in real-time and can filter by geography and demographics or types of actions including page views and content clicks.

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Pagelever Releases Minilytics, A Free Tool That Shows Fans Reached On Facebook Page Posts

minilytics-screenshotPagelever, a popular Facebook analytics company, released a new, free tool called Minilytics today. The company claims it is the first tool that lets users measure how many fans see their posts on Facebook pages.

Previously, page owners could not measure a post’s fan-specific reach because when Facebook reported post views, it didn’t separate fan views from non-fans.

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Facebook Mention Tagging Lets Apps Generate FB Notifications And Referral Traffic

design-guidelines-4Facebook announced on its Developer Blog today that it will allow users to mention their friends in messages in Open Graph apps.

While users can already “action tag” their friends using other apps (Facebook uses foursquare as its example), the update will allow users to “mention tag” friends as well. The difference, as inferred from their names, is that action tags are for doing something with a friend, say out eating a meal together, whereas mention tags can be used for anything in the text of a user post.

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Users Claim Twoo Is Spamming Their Friends, Social Network Says It’s “Just Not Clear Enough”

unnamedUsers are complaining that Twoo, a social networking service, is sending unwanted messages to their contacts. Co-founder and CEO Lorenz Bogaert counters that this is a misunderstanding and the company is working to fix it.

Users, both those who have emailed me and who have posted public reviews in the app store, say that the mobile app is intentionally designed to be tricky and cause the user to invite their entire address book.

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