Blogosphere: 151 Million Inquiring Minds Want to Know

“How to blog” is the highest searched phrase according to Google Adwords when it comes to the word “blog.” There are roughly 151 million global searches on that term alone.

So this a blog and about a blog.

No wonder so many people are searching for how to blog – according to Hubspot – blogging 20 times per month can generate 5x more traffic.

Generating more traffic to your site means help with a higher search ranking, more leads, and more conversions.
So hopefully you’re excited right now knowing how a simple few paragraphs can help increase your ROI – let’s divulge into how to blog.

First – what is the problem your expertise can solve? Well – for example – Preactive Marketing has written 50+ blogs. This is a blog about a blog, after all. So I am writing this blog to provide expertise to help solve the question ‘how to blog?’

Second – does it relate to current events or recent news stories? People tend to relate to blogs if they can see the tangible link to how your expertise could have been applied to a current event or news story. An example here can be used by one of our clients, Tolero Solutions. Tolero Solutions is an Organization Development and Change Management Consultancy. They recently wrote a blog about how team building efforts don’t need to cost $823,000. (Cough…GSA!) And previously wrote a blog on leadership and trust regarding the public controversy at Goldman Sachs. These are two excellent examples of how to connect your expertise to current events or recent news.

Third – how does your recommended solution improve or solve the problem? Well – the steps you are currently reading are a solution to the question ‘how to blog?’

Fourth – what can the reader do to help solve the problem? Simply put – give quick and easy step by step directions. There is no need to give excruciating details. It’s a matter of putting it into layman terms. Oh, and keep your blog to what would fit on 1 Microsoft Word page. The second people see a lengthy blog – you’ve just increased your bounce rate (the # of people who come to your site and leave right away) – all courtesy of verboseness. See Google Analytics.

So, in short, here is how you write a successful blog:

1. Strive to offer insight on how your expertise would improve or solve a problem
2. Make it relevant – write interesting content
3. Give a solution
4. Tell the reader what they can do with the advice you offer, how can they take action
5. Post it on social media!