Help Complete A Meaningful Social Media Case Study

If you are a regular on Business 2 Community, you know that social media is the wave of the future.

Ideas and movements can develop faster than you can snap your fingers. Today, is a little experiment I am conducting to test that theory. Read more, if you’re interested.

You see, schools are catching on with this whole social media thing. Grants and scholarships used to be super manual, with a lot of paper work and steps in the process. You had to submit an essay, there’s no way to track progress, and the parameters aren’t very clear.

Companies like Randstad are using technology and user generated content to help students in need of financial aid. They are holding a video contest, which students can submit while speaking about why they need a grant for $10,000.

That being said, is it a popularity contest? Is the applicant really in need? What do you think? Regardless, the winners will get the support, whether they deserve it or not.

Grades are one thing, but people that put in the time to get their name out there should be rewarded.

For instance, my friend, a mediocre undergraduate, has transitioned into a successful career at a financial company. While working during the day, she conducted research and applied to law school. She is now in law school at night and working during the day to supplement the high cost of education. By no means is she going to graduate at the top of her class with the demands of her day job, but through her commitment, she should be rewarded by her friends, family, and maybe even you?

Like every social media endeavor, this is an experiment. Please vote for my friend Anna every day until December 15th, and I will report back the results once the contest is over. Come be part of this case study!